Interested in Human Rights and Gender Studies?

Students interested in human rights and social justice can count on both in-house and UniBo courses, as well as the opportunity to volunteer at one of many local and international organizations.E.C.Co. offers the course Cultural and Social Models in Contemporary Italy, which includes visits to the key sites of the city’s legacy of resistance and struggle for social justice. A wide range of courses are available at the University of Bologna, covering the humanities, social sciences, gender and race studies, law, international relations, sustainable development, and much more. These are just a few examples: Fundamental RightsHuman Rights and Political InstitutionsEurope and Africa: Cooperation and Security, Sociology of International MigrationsHumanitarian CommunicationWomen and Social Science. There are several local and international humanitarian organizations in Bologna, such as Amnesty InternationalYouth Action for PeaceWorld Education Program, etc. Furthermore, every year Bologna hosts the Human Rights Nights Festival, an event dedicated to human rights, diversity, and development, as well as many other events organized by the Cassero (the first LGBT community center in Italy) and several cultural festivals. Always at the forefront of the struggle for women and gay rights, the city is also home to the Italian Women’s Library (one of the first centers in Italy dedicated to women’s history, and currently the principal Italian collection specialized in women’s culture, gender, and feminist studies). Popular Unibo courses among E.C.Co. students include History of WomenWomen’s Movements Worldwide and Intercultural and Gender Studies.