If you are interested in Education

With the oldest university in the western world and a unique European Museum of Students (MEUS),“the Learned” Bologna is most certainly a city focused on education. Only a few miles away, the internationally recognized “Reggio method” of early childhood education was developed by Loris Malaguzzi and can be explored at the Reggio Children Foundation. An E.C.Co. student interested in education can choose from a wide range of courses offered by the Scienze della Formazione school at Unibo, such as: Children’s LiteratureIntercultural PedagogyDevelopmental Psychology. E.C.Co. students also have a unique chance to get to know the Italian public school system from within by conducting an internship at an elementary or middle school. Paired with English teachers, E.C.Co. students organize lessons, games, and cultural activities for Italian schoolchildren. With a small time commitment, they get first-hand teaching experience and a rewarding relationship with the world beyond the university.