Italian for Academic Purposes

Ivan Tassi

The Course of Italian Language and Culture is the first step of your university experience in Italy. It is mandatory, starts the week after your arrival in Bologna and ends at the end of September/February. This course gives you the opportunity to get to know the city of Bologna through a total language and cultural immersion. The topics – the Middle Ages, Italian Opera and the Bologna Resistance – are introduced in their historical, artistic, and linguistic contexts both in class and during guided tours. The course also includes a review and practice of grammar structures. Continue reading Italian for Academic Purposes

Modern Italian Art: 1860-2000

Syllabus             Giuseppe Virelli

The goal of the course is to trace a path through Italian artistic production, with a chronological span encompassing the second half of the nineteenth century through the end of the twentieth century.  The focus on Italy will be presented in close relationship with European and extra-European experiences, as contemporary art is not confined to a single geographic location. Continue reading Modern Italian Art: 1860-2000

To Read a City: Urban History of Bologna since the Medieval Period

Francesco Ceccarelli

Based on the study of selected Italian cities in the north-central region, the goal of this course is to provide the tools to identify the historical and urban factors that have shaped the region Emilia-Romagna and its urban centers, primarily Bologna. Thanks to its well-preserved ancient historical center, Continue reading To Read a City: Urban History of Bologna since the Medieval Period

The Cities of Emilia-Romagna on film

Piero Di Domenico

The course has two components:  a first part in which students view and discuss Italian films featuring cities in Emilia Romagna, including Federico Fellini’s “Amarcord” (Rimini), Florestano Vancini’s “La lunga notte del ’43” (Ferrara), Michelangelo Antonioni’s “Il deserto rosso” (Ravenna), Renato De Maria, “Paz” (Bologna), and Pupi Avati, “Gli amici del bar Margherita” (Bologna). Continue reading The Cities of Emilia-Romagna on film

From Page to Stage and Back Again

Syllabus                  Paolo Rota

Students will explore the offerings in theaters in Bologna and possibly in other cities. This course helps prepare students for the performances of specific plays that are on in Bologna in the Spring semester. The course unfolds in three discrete steps that correspond to its title: (1) study and discussion in the classroom of the dramatic text (if one exists, for the performance; if not, a text in relation to the subject of the performance); (2) field trips to the theater; and (3) evaluation of the performance through classroom discussion and writing assignments. Continue reading From Page to Stage and Back Again

Writing Workshop

Ivan Tassi

Soon after the Intensive Course of Italian Language and Culture, we will start the nine-week Writing Workshop,along with the E.C.Co and UniBo courses. This course is organized in two parts. In the first one, we read and discuss texts of various genres (stories, novels, essays) with particular attention to improve students’ oral skills. Continue reading Writing Workshop