Cultural and Social Models in Contemporary Italy

Cinzia Venturoli

Any understanding of the basic character and cultural models of a nation must begin with an examination of the rights that have been established and of the social pact that has been established and updated between citizens and State.

To achieve this objective, the course will focus on the history of Italy of the last 70 years to see how the construction of a democratic regime that took place in a completely new international political context created space for the affirmation of new politcal, civil and social rights; the right to full freedom of conscience; and new rights pdertaining to gender identity and the condition of migrants.

This is a process that has changed Italian society and the way of life and thinking of Italians profoundly. From this perspective, the course will analyze a number of subcultural groups, including that of young people and their styles of life, fashion, and conflicts with adults and official culture, and that of women and processes of definition as a genre, self-determination and the attainment of rights.

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