From Page to Stage and Back Again

Paolo Rota

Students will explore the offerings in theaters in Bologna and possibly in other cities. This course helps prepare students for the performances of specific plays that are on in Bologna in the Spring semester. The course unfolds in three discrete steps that correspond to its title: (1) study and discussion in the classroom of the dramatic text (if one exists, for the performance; if not, a text in relation to the subject of the performance); (2) field trips to the theater; and (3) evaluation of the performance through classroom discussion and writing assignments.

Teatro comunale di Bologna – Di Lorenzo Gaudenzi – Opera propria, CC BY-SA 4.0

Not all theater performances are textual. Consequently, the course will also offer students the opportunity to see new plays without texts, performances that are less canonical, or even performances that do not necessarily rely on the spoken (or scripted) word.  The course encourages students’ interest in theater and performance. Based on suggestions and possibilities compiled by E.C.Co., students will be asked to identify and attend selected performances not on the syllabus and to present and evaluate them in class. The discussions unfolding  from attending these performances will serve as the basis for writing assignments. Please note: the content of this course depends on theater offerings, which lends the course its flexibility.