If you are interested in Urban Studies/Architectural History

In 1806, the British writer George Tappen wrote in his description of Bologna: “The most remarkable feature in this city are the arcades on which the houses are built. In rainy weather the inhabitants may walk from one end of it to the other without the least annoyance from wet, and in the summer season they are defended from the heat of the sun.” Besides the uniqueness of its arcades, Bologna also represents an interesting case-study to understand the urban and architectural history of Italy. The E.C.Co. program offers an unique in-house course on this topic, To Read a City: Urban History of Bologna since the Medieval Period, taught by prof. Francesco Ceccarelli. The Urban center Bologna , located at the top floor of Salaborsa (Piazza Nettuno, 3) has a permanent exhibition displaying the urban strategies and projects which will map out the face of Bologna over the next fifteen years. The Center periodically organizes conferences and workshops.